Collaborative project

If you have images/videos from October 1, 2017, or have found them on the social networks, share them with us.

The images do not have to be exclusively from police interventions, we are also looking for positive images, we want to document as much as possile what happened on the day of the referendum, we want the map reflecteixi el màxim de municipis possibles.

If you see any incorrect location or information that you believe is wrong, let us know. is your project also.

If possible, specify the municipality, the location of the polling station, and basic information (police actions, ballot boxes requisitioned, centers closed, etc.)

You can do it in the following ways:


Send us the links by email at specifying municipality and polling station along with the images and/or videos (compressed ZIP file is preferable)


You can tweet or retweet the audiovisual content by tagging us with @CAT_memoria.