Escola Mare de Déu del Roser
Alt Camp (Tarragona)
1.702 inhabitants

Account of the facts sent to us by a voter:

“October 1, 2017, in Vallmoll was a challenge for the pro-independence community of the town. We must remember that we have a non-pro-independence mayor (PSOE) and that he has been mayor for more than thirty years. Therefore, he thought that the town was his and that everything is done or not done according to his will.

That is why the pro-independence group from Vallmoll created a group called Republic and Freedom and that days before the referendum on October 1 we held demonstrations to demand the right to vote in this referendum that would set out the political future of our country (Catalonia). That is why, for example, on Catalonia’s national day in 2017 we stood in front of the official event proposed by the town council (as the reader can imagine, it was a pantomime) and we asked formally, and with protest included, that it would be possible to vote, before the flagrant refusal of the town hall.

Initially people speculated if it would be possible to vote … and if so, where? Many believed that in the end they would not vote because honestly, opinions were very diverse. From the town council it was a no, a resounding no; then we thought that maybe we would vote in the health centre, as that is a facility that belongs to the Department of Health, ergo the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Finally and with the persistence of the Republic and Freedom collective, we managed to make the Escola Mare de Déu Del Roser (the school) the polling station… but we still had the town hall thumbing its nose at us, giving us only the prefab extension of the school as the polling station.

Arriving on September 30, as in all of Catalonia, we spent the night there to defend our polling station and the next day, October 1, at the stipulated time, the table was set up and we were able to start voting, despite the computer problems of that day.

The day was festive, all the recreational events were concentrated in front of the small sandy courtyard in front of the prefab building and we were very attentive to the news coming from all over Catalonia, given the brutality of the police invaders repressing the colony we represent to them.

That is why we built a ‘barricade’ with tables and chairs, in order to make it difficult for the occupation forces to access. We were afraid, due to our proximity to Tarragona, that they would come to do harm and take our ballot box (and, therefore, our votes; we must keep in mind that there was only one point of entry and exit and surely they would have taken it from us easily if they had arrived) but we also knew that the determination of an entire, uplifted people could not be stopped.

This feeling of joy (because we voted despite the resounding refusals of the town council and its mayor), of fear (not to suffer the same fate, unfortunately, of the neighbouring towns) and of rage (because we saw – and we see – that we are an unstoppable country) were present throughout the day, especially in the morning.

In the afternoon things calmed down because the attacks perpetrated by the occupation forces ceased all over Catalonia and we were playing board games and the atmosphere was relaxed.

People voted all day without incident, it should be noted that some local people showed up with Spanish flags and absolutely nothing happened, they were simply allowed to vote and no action was taken against them. Everyone had the right to vote, and they no less than anyone. Of course, the elderly voted first to avoid having them standing for a long time, and people understood that.

Finally, after the entire day and without any support from the town council, as if we did not exist (we were left to our own devices), at 20:21 the results were given. WE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. The small pro-independence group, which we are supposed to be in this town, won by a large margin.

We have to push through, whatever happens, we have the mandate that October 1, 2017, represents, we don’t let it get away from us. When we all pull together we are really unstoppable. We have to push through, whatever may come.

Long live Free Catalonia. Long live the Catalan Republic!”


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